Lucilla Schoolwear – First Choice For Schoolwear!

We are a traditional school uniform supplier with a strong emphasis on quality. That is both in the quality of uniform we provide and also in the quality of service we offer to our customers. At the same time we work hard to ensure all of our uniform is excellent value for money. We always strive to assist schools and parents with any part of their school uniform requirements and are always happy to offer advice to schools and parents.

There are various ways for schools to promote their uniform, many schools prefer parents to purchase school uniform from a retailer specialising in their specific requirements. At Lucilla Schoolwear we ensure that the needs of each school are met in the sale of their uniform.

Benefits to the School

  • We purchase all of your existing saleable stock at cost price, releasing any funds you have tied up.
  • The school will gain back valuable storage space and staff can focus on their primary roles rather than stock control or sales.
  • It removes the stress and strain from your school of needing to organise ordering, funding and fulfilling sales as well as taking away the burden of needing to deal with suppliers and deliveries.
  • We have good relationships with all of the major schoolwear suppliers so we can make any transition to us a simple, easy and stress free as possible.
  • We are always on hand to offer our experience and advice with any changes you wish to implement to the image of your uniform and/or logo.
  • We always try to assist our schools with their fundraising efforts and attending their special events. i.e. induction evenings.
  • We are available for pre-arranged on-site sales if required and conduct a number of these every year. We are also able to help with the procurement of one off items such as t-shirts for trips or team kits.

Benefits to Parents

  • Parents can purchase uniform through via the following methods: Through our high street premises 6 days a week, online, by phone and offering a free delivery service to many of our schools during term time.
  • We maintain stocks of your uniform all year round, to ensure constant availability.
  • Our experienced sales staff will guide parents through the uniform list ensuring that only the correct uniform is purchased for their school.
  • We offer high quality uniform at competitive prices, and our staff are experienced and knowledgeable to assist parents with purchases.
  • Parents can always buy with confidence knowing we are a member of the Schoolwear Association.

Direct to School Uniform Service

Other schools prefer to keep uniform sales in-house. Lucilla Schoolwear offer a direct to school service. We are able to source uniform from a wide range of suppliers enabling us to meet the requirements of almost any school. We are able to provide customized uniforms embroidered or printed with their official logo for schools, colleges, businesses and organizations on a wholesale basis. We offer very competitive Direct to School prices, and we make every effort to have a very quick turn-around on all orders placed. With our experience of uniform sales we can also help with forecasting and sizing of uniform, enabling a minimum stock to be held on site. Some schools choose to maintain uniform supply in-house for the purpose of generating funds and in order to control the price of the uniform.

To find out more about what we can offer your school give us a call today on 020 8554 5133 or email us at and we will be more than happy to talk through your requirements or book an appointment to meet in person.